Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I have a serious issue that I should just own up to. I can't listen to anyone lecture unless I am knitting. School is extremely painful if I have to sit in a dark room for two hours watching a movie. Even if the teacher is absolutely riveting and strikes a note in my very soul I have such a hard time concentrating. So I always knit during class, I can answer every question correctly, laugh and cry at all the right times but my hands never cease motion. In my Acting I class it takes me away from my knitting shield. That beautiful protection that knitting has always provided is gone. I actually have to participate. While some find this good, I am a person who, if I have my knitting, loves listening to another person talk.

Everyone always says that life is too short to do something you don't enjoy. I believe school was designed to push that thought. My Father says it is a necessary evil. My Mother says that looking back I will be proud of the things I did. All I can say is that I hope so.

Sorry for the tangent, back to my WIPs. I currently have on the needles(This is all thankfully):

  1.  The Dahlia Cardigan
  2. A basic sock just a ribbed instep, for my Mommy's birthday. 
  3. A triangular shawl pattern it has flowers on it, hoping it will look better after blocking
  4. The tidal wave sock  
The Dahlia Cardigan still lays on my floor almost completely dry. It look beautiful and I can't wait to start on the sleeves. I will post a picture tomorrow. I always have a sock in progress. I have an incredible addiction for knitting socks. They are so pretty and always so much fun to knit. I normally knit all my socks on DPNs. But I have recently acquired a 8" circular needle in size 2. It is so tiny and cute! When doing a plain knitted instep sometimes it can be a pain whether using DPNs or circular needles to move all your needles around just to do more knits. But on 8" needles it is just  a continuous circle, just like doing a teeny tiny hat. It is handy but also easy to carry around anywhere. 

I have been craving cables lately and am on the lookout for the next pretty sweater pattern that has basic cables running through it. I have looked all over Ravelry and I haven't really seen anything yet that moves me. Hmm maybe an afghan, it is nice to have something warm to drape over your lap when you are knitting, especially if that is your knitting. 

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