Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mom's Birthday Week

Every year for awhile now my mom has not been celebrating her birthday but we have all been celebrating the anniversary of her 39th birthday. Up until last year I was at the age when I could just pretend I was too young to buy or make her a decent present. This year however I am trying to find something that would hopefully mean something to her and she would cherish for awhile. So I am making three pairs of socks for her.  While also making a shirt that will be done by Christmas. I don't think that there is anyone else in the world that I would get this much effort from me.
These are constantly done in class and I love seeing people's expressions when they realize that socks were not always made on machines. I am like a lot of people. I knit to keep my foot out of my mouth when I am nervous. The only thing I hate is feeling like a machine when people see my knitting and think they can slide money across the table and I will pass them socks. But because no is not really in my vocabulary (its not I am the girl that helps you move, takes and picks you up from the airport, and will take care of your kids for free) I always say it more harshly than I mean to. Last Thursday in class my teacher decided to put me on the spot to look at my knitting in front of the class. One of the younger guys looks at me and says, "How much would that cost me?" Once again I am working on my declining request skills, (I am only 19 here!) I turn to him and say, "You couldn't afford it." Which of course creates the ever loved ohhhhh from everyone else. This was only the first week of class with these guys. Well eight more to go and hopefully I can redeem myself by then.


  1. Interesting blog, it's cool to see that people are still using older (or out-dated in some opinions) skills such as knitting. Personally I tried taking up sewing and knitting as a spare class in Junior High...I kinda sewed my own sleeve to the pencil case I was making, and later managed to turn 10 minutes of knitting a scarf into a single fused knot...I kinda switched to cooking mid-way through.

    1. I love knitting it is so simple because it is only the two stitches. But it can seem complicated when first starting out. Finding someone else to teach me in person works better than reading out of a book.