Saturday, October 1, 2011

First Post

I have been reading everyone's knitting blogs lately and have since been inspired to start my own. So I will take this first post to tell anyone that may ever stumble upon this blog a little about me:

My Ravelry is please feel free to write me about anything.

I am 19 and live in Hawaii, which I love, even when island fever sets in. I never stop being amazed at how beautiful this island is. Even though living here means the rent everywhere is so expensive I'm stuck living with my parents still. 

I have been knitting for about a year and a half now but have only recently begun to take a step outside of the scarf safety net. I am constantly knitting socks, they just seem to fall off the needles. Although as much as I have tried larger garments like sweaters and afghans they always leave me tired. Although I do love the bragging rights when someone asked me where I bought my sweater as I'm sure every knitter does. 

As a Freshman in college and between jobs, I have time to knit constantly. I knit in class, while waiting for class to start, while trying to get the patience to actually do my homework, and if the traffic gets bad enough where I am not moving for awhile I knit in the car. 

I took up knitting so I could stop smoking and stop thinking, just in general. Knitting has become a passion which if I'm not thinking about I'm reading about and now I will be writing about. This blog now gives me a reason to take pictures of my knitting because the pressure on Ravelry isn't intense enough. I'm assuming if anyone reads my blog, (fingers crossed) they will want to see pictures and not just lines and lines of text. 

So here is a picture of some socks, made out of on your toes. I am a size eleven if you think that this picture just looks stretched out. Nope those are really the size of my feet. :)

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  1. Hello selina!

    I'm glad that you started a blog, I just started one on wordpress,, feel free to stalk me like I'm blog stalking you. Wanna make me some socks? lol